Oatmeal Cookie Apple Pie


Oatmeal cookie apple pie

Ok this was taken with my phone so excuse the quality.



Guess what! I’m alive and I baked you a pie. Ok fine, technically I baked the pie for my family at Thanksgiving, but you can pretend that I love you or whatever makes you happy. Sorry I’ve been so out of commission! First off I was really sick with some virus for about two weeks, so that whacked me out for a while and then I’ve also been crazy busy with life and school and everything. Agh so many things to do and definitely not enough time. -_-. Anyway so I’ll try to stick to the food front of things, although I have another Rebecca’s Ratchet College Adventures story to share probably in my next post so there’s that. Also I found a professor to work with me on an independent study for next semester! I am going to be doing a study on the history of dessert culture! So excited! :D

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Peanut Butter Chip Pudding Cookies

Peanut Butter Chip Pudding Cookies


I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this much of a sleep-deprived college student. Last year I pretty much had all my sh*t together, but now with taking five classes and all the tutoring I do, sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. It probably doesn’t help that I had a midterm on Monday and didn’t start studying until Saturday and then stayed up until…not going to tell you what time cramming the night before. Let’s just say, coffee flavored candy makes a really awesome breakfast the morning of an exam. Don’t tell my mom–she always made us eat eggs or other healthy stuff before a test when I still lived at home haha. In my defense, it was my grandma who gave me the candy so clearly this is all on her XDContinue reading

Apple Pie Muffins

Apple Pie Muffins

So I don’t usually apologize for desserts, but I really do need to make amends for this one. In my defense, I have a really good logic for this one that I actually came up with post-creating, but it totally still counts. What does a moderately lactose intolerant, probably shouldn’t be eating so much sugar, with a stomach that definitely does not respond well to apples person create when they’re trying to make a dessert that they should in no way be eating? Well, my friends, she made apple muffins. With ice cream. I know what you’re thinking–oh so she made muffins and then put ice cream on top of it when they were done. Isn’t that what people always do with apple pie? Good thinking, but no. That’s not what I did… Continue reading

Gingerdoodle Cookie Cups

Ginger Cookies 1


Hello friends, time for another story about Rebecca’s college laundry adventures. So you know how they say that your brain doesn’t fully develop until you’re 26 or something? I feel that is applicable to the fact that somehow I keep neglecting to do my laundry until I literally have nothing respectable left to wear. This leads me to make some uh avant-garde fashion choices on the days that I actually end up doing laundry because I usually put all my clothes in the machine and then realize I have nothing to wear to go retrieve said clothing.  Continue reading

Creamy Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Creamy Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Dorm life story: this morning I was awakened at 8:30 am by someone singing next door. I mean if it’s any condolence, they didn’t have a terrible voice, but seriously? Why are you singing at 8:30 in the morning!? Being the horrible person that I am, I decided to try to bang on our shared wall to signal said person that they should shut the *bleep* up, but turns out the walls are actually pretty thick and my banging made hardly any noise. Cue my frustration and resignation. Moral of story: DON’T SING AT 8:30 AM, unless you live in your own house, that is. If you live in your own house without wall-sharing neighbors then feel free to sing your little heart out haha. Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread


So I’ve started to see pumpkin recipes going up on Pinterest and on other blogs. In my opinion, there’s nothing strictly wrong with that, and as a fellow pumpkin lover, who am I to judge? That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m ready to take the leap. Something about baking with pumpkin in August seems semi sacrilegious. I adore pumpkin, we’re totally bffs, but I don’t want to see it in my desserts until at least mid September. Anyway, that’s just me. In that case, why not find a happy medium? My parents and I have a huge pumpkin bread bake every year, we probably bake 50+ breads each year and give them away to friends and family. And that’s not including the breads that ‘accidentally’ get eaten instead of wrapped and given away ;). After November I pretty much had pumpkin bread coming out of my ears, at least I did when I still lived at home. I decided to use that recipe as a base and tweak it just a little bit to accommodate the more mild sweet potato flavor. Basically this bread is crazy delicious.  Continue reading

Blueberry Brownies

Blueberry Brownies

I feel like many other bakers have this problem, but I’m going to complain about it anyway haha. Isn’t it so nice when you bake a batch of brownies (that actually turn out well) and stick them in the fridge to cool overnight? Sounds great right? Then you can hop out of bed in the morning and take some pictures. At least that’s the idea…see I live in a house with four other people, aka my lovely family, which means that this morning when I woke up, someone had taken my brownies out of the refrigerator and basically went all angry velociraptor on the pan. Yep, they even left the knife sticking out haphazardly. I assessed the damage and decided there was at least enough salvageable brownie to take pictures with, but seriously (I’m looking at you, sisters) STAY AWAY FROM MY BROWNIES at least until I’ve taken pictures. Continue reading